Maps and details of previous walks

This page gives you access to maps of the locations and GPS tracks from some of our walks. When you click on one of the names, the relevant map will appear below the list. While it is not as detailed as an OS map, the map indicates the location of the walk and the route we took. You can also download a .gpx file for the walk which you can use with a range of mapping apps on PCs, tablets and phones. Many of the route maps also have altitude information allowing you to look at the height profile and a brief description of the walk. Please note the following:

  • Distances are normally accurate although here and there you may find that a recorded route is not the most direct one from A to B or has loops, bits where we seem to have doubled back etc etc. These might be because we paused to have a look around a historic building, went off track to find a decent picnic spot or retraced our steps to avoid a muddy bit. Some tracks may have been recorded during a recce.
  • Treat height information as indicative only. Because of the way that GPS devices measure altitude or the way that the information is processed, some of the altitude data may be inaccurate, but you can check against the map. Elevation gain is a measure of all the ups and downs you do on a walk so is usually greater and sometimes much greater than the maximum height. Some tracks have no height info.

I hope that walkers and walk leaders will find this a useful resource. We will add walks as and when we have the GPS tracks and improve the useability of the page when time allows. If you have any tracks from a GPS that that you recorded on a Glasgow Ramblers walk and that don't already appear here, then please contact me with details.

Many thanks to Gordon Arthur, Steve Cartwright and Idris Scott of the Helensburgh and West Dunbartonshire Group for letting me have tracks they recorded to add to my own. Also, thanks to Geoff Der for help with the planning and programming, and especially to Chris Vaughan of Derbyshire Area for all his expertise and ideas.

We are still working on this page to make the presentation and naming of walks more consistent, to add dates, links and brief descriptions. Please come back to this page to see how it develops.


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* The small print. Please note that the tracks shown are simply recordings of where we went. We are not recommending the routes or suggesting that you should follow them. Some of them may have been recorded during a recce. Remember that conditions on a route can vary with time and with the weather, and paths can be changed, become impassable or disappear.

If you do upload a track to a GPS device, you must verify for yourself on a map that it is correct before you use it for navigation.